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The Jonny Mogambo Band has been playing nationally, internationally and all over Colorado for many years.  Some of the members have been  together since the earlier days in the 90's in Boulder, Colorado where they honed their craft playing the club scene, private parties and all the ski resort towns.  Fast forward to the present day and you will hear that they have continued to produce good rock music and after three years of re-working their sound they have a brand new recording titled, "American Sexy." They stay true to an original style of rock music with real instruments playing new music derived from years of loving and learning from bands that do it right. If you like rock music and a band that plays music with great guitar, keys and horn parts, a tight rhythm section with a deep pocket and good lyrics and vocals, you will will like what you hear from the Jonny Mogambo Band.  They deliver an entertaining show with an unmatched level of energy from their front man and incredible improvisation and soloing from all band members.  They continue the tradition and performance of a true rock band.

"The Jonny Mogambo Band – a Colorado band – rocks the house."  The Denver Daily News

Jonny Mogambo Band -"Dance Like Nobody's Watchin" - Official Video

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