Meet the Band - Dan Schwindt

Meet Dan Schwindt

Lead Guitar

Dan Schwindt is a highly sought after bass/guitar player based out of Denver, CO. Dan moved to the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies over seven years ago and since then has been playing/touring with many of the top bands and artists in the area.​The son of a professional opera singer, Dan was immersed into the music world at an early age in Seattle, WA. He recalls “I was always dragged to rehearsals and concerts when I was kid, seeing the professional music world first hand.

I didn’t realize at the time what an effect it would make on me later in life”. After a failed attempt at clarinet and violin in school Dan’s mom gave in and bought him his first electric guitar at age twelve. “Really all I wanted to do was rock out. I was mainly listening to the early grunge rock that was happening in Seattle at the time and the classic rock guitar players like Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Clapton.”​In high school Dan continued his passion for music, playing in local garage bands and his school jazz band. He earned recognition in the All-state Jazz band and won the Louis Armstrong Achievement award for Shorecrest High School. “I just wanted to play guitar at school, so I j